Project Specification | Sohni Saiban

Sohni Saiban Specification

Finishing details
Structure Works
Cement in Structure Works - Upto Plinth Level
SR Cement
Cement in Structure Works - Above Plinth Level
OP Cement
Masonry Block Strength
500 ~ 600 Psi
Structural Steel to be used
Deform Gr -60 OR as per Structural Engineer design
Block Masonry & Plaster
Internal walls
4`` thk Masonry
Plaster - Internal
One layer Plaster , 1/2`` ~ 3/4`` thk
External Plaster
``Two Layer Plaster : Thia + Kachcha + Pakka``
``External Grooves - Beam Joints``
V shape Grooves to be provided at masonry and Concrete Joints
``Tapak Patti / Water Drip Course``
To be Provided
Internal Flooring
Marble : 12``x 24`` x 1/2``
Marble Skirting 4``x 12`` x 1/2``
Stair Steps Mable
One Piece Marble, 3/4`` rhk , Pre Polished
Kitchen Top
Only RCC Slab + Marble 3/4`` thk Slab
Doors & Door Frames
Door Frames
Golden Teak Door Frame, 5``x 2``
2``W Golden Teak Beading
Door Shutters
Malaysian Skin Door
Door Locks
Handle Type doors
Door Closure
Finishing details
Windows & Glass
Window frames
ALUMINUM Box Section, 4``x 2`` x 1.0 mm, Colour as per design
Window Glass
Local Glass tinted, 5mm
Fly Proofing Nets
ALUMINUM Ventilators
Glass in Ventilators
Tinted Glass
Bath Room Tiles
Bath Room Tiles
S.tile - 10``x 13`` & 10``x 16``
B/Room - Wall Tiles
Glazed, Upto 5ft high
B/Room - Floor Tiles
Preferably Matt Tiles or Glazed tiles
Plumbing Works
Water Supply
Hot and Cold Water Line
Water lines Pipe material
GI Pipes / PPRC / As per Consultant Advice
Soil / Waste water lines pipe material
UPVC Pipes
Bath Room Fixtures
WC/WB/ Commode
Good Qlty, LOCAL Brand - 3 Star or Equivalent (Good Quality)
CP Fittings - Bib cocks etc
MASTER / Classic / Faisal or Equivalent (Good Quality)
SS Sink Bowl
EXPORT Quality - 14`` x 17`` / Atlas / Asia
``Bath Room Accessories: Towel Hanger + Soap Dish + Coat Hanger +``
Mirrors over WB
Mirror - Yes
Finishing details
Electric Wiring
Type of Wiring
Concealed Wiring
PVC Pipes Concealed - Slab & Walls
Galco / Jeddah Polymer or Equivalent quality
Electric Wires : 99.99 % Pure Copper pipes
PIONEER / AGE / Universal /PAK Cable
Electric Switches
Good Quality - CHINA /Local
Electric DB
Factory Manufactured DB, Concealed type
COS in DB for Generator
Phone Points
Inter Com Points: Reception to Apartment
AC Wiring
2 Bed Room AC
TV Cable Wiring
Lounge + 1 Bedroom
Kitchen Counter
RCC Slab & Pre Polished Marble Top, 3/4``thk
Kitchen Cabinet
Kitchen Counter
RCC Slab & Pre Polished Marble Top, 3/4``thk
Ward Robe & Vanity
Ward Robe
Space Only, CC Platform, NO WR Cabinet
Vanity Cabinet
Paint Works
External wall Paint - W/Shiled
Weather Shield 3 Coat > ICI / Nelson or Equivalent
Internal Walls - Distemper /Plastic Paint
Primer + Pakki Filling (Double) + 3 Coat >> ICI / Nelson Or Equivalent
Roofs - Distemper
Primer + Pakki Filling (Single ) + 3 Coat >> ICI / Nelson or Equivalent
Metal Paint with Enamel
Red Oxide + 3 Coat Enamel Paint >> ICI / Nelson or Equivalent
Security Arrangements
Controlled Entrance + Security Guards
Emergency Exit
Yes Provision will be there
Automatic Barrier at ENTRNACE
Other Features
Intercom from Main Gate to Apartments
Car Parking
Car Parking Covered on Purchased otherwise under the open Sky
Shops Parking
On Main Road , Commercial & Residential area complete separate
Stand Bye Generator
Yes for Lifts, Parking area,Stair area , Coridoor, Common Area & Common Facilities
CCTV Camera
Yes ! Car Parking Area , Entrance and Boundary Wall
Good Quality Imported Lifts