Is Sohni Saiban a good investment option?

Sohni Saiban is definitely a prime investment opportunity. The central location in the vicinity of multiple amenities and facilities like reputable universities, hospitals, grocery markets etc.
Sohni Saiban is acutely near lyari expressway with a distance of only 3Km.

The builders of Sohni Saiban, Noble Group are known well in the construction industry since 1984 with over 20+ projects completed on a timely basis with an impeccable reputation in the market.

The immaculate quality of construction along with an unmatched competitive price means that the customer gets the best of the best by investing in Sohni Saiban and thus will be able to reap a significant appreciation in terms of profit.

How is Sohni Saiban Primely located?

The locality of Sohni Saiban is a strategic decision by Noble Group. Not only is Sohni Saiban conveniently nearby all the routine facilities such as markets, schools, universities, but it is also connected to lyari expressway that allows a resident to reach the commercial hub of I.I Chundrigar road in just 20 minutes with a distance of 27 Km. Sohni Saiban is also connected to Sharhah-e-Faisal road with a distance of just 15 Km and only 26 Minutes away. Its also less than 20 minutes away from the famous commercial roads of Rahid Minhas and University road. This means that almost every routine destination is likely to be within the reach of residents allowing for ease and making conveyance extremely feasible. In other words the feasible price with superior quality construction is being provided to the people of Karachi at Sohni Saiban with close connections to their routine destinations.

What is meant by the "Future Residential Center of Karachi"?

Extensive research was conducted before selecting the location for Sohni Saiban. While conveniently away from the polluted and congested roads of the city, Sohni Saiban lies in the place where a number of premium real estate projects have sprouted. The reason behind this locality is that this is one of the cleanest areas of the metropolitan city and is in the close vicinity of densely populated areas, keeping it in just the right distance from the residents’ routine destinations.

In comparison Sohni Saiban is also much more closer to the city of Karachi and its landmarks than the most reputable housing projects and societies like Bahria town and Gulshan-e-Maymar.

What kind of apartments are offered at Sohni Saiban?

There are two types of apartments at Sohni Saiban as type A, B, C and D, which have a total area of 1,328 and 1,261 Sq. Ft. respectively. However the best thing about apartments at Sohni Saiban is that every apartment is a corner apartment. This means that as a resident you will experience optimum ventilation whichever apartment you pick. Both the apartment types have 4 rooms enabling a luxurious lifestyle.

Furthermore, every apartment at Sohni Saiban is a corner apartment, easily accessible by high-tech elevators and powered by backup generators. All of these are combined with a gated community that adds layer of security for the residents.

What differentiates Sohni Saiban from other projects in the vicinity?

Sohni Saiban is being constructed by a professional team of foreign qualified engineers with an aggregate experience of over 20 years each. The mix of construction includes on branded materials of the highest quality. Furthermore, Noble Group has a policy to work at a single project at any given time to ensure swift possession and timely completion. The commercial and residential aspects of Sohni Saiban make it unique as it its the first project on the left side of Highway.

What other amenities are included at Sohni Saiban?

Sohni Saiban offers exclusive amenities for its residents. A specialized kids play area where young ones can enjoy under adult supervision allows a safe recreational space. The family park is an amazing place to get a breath of fresh air. Sohni Saiban also features a gymnasium and indoor games to ensure health and entertainment are never a compromise for the residents.

Furthermore, residents will also be able to benefit from amenities like a sauna, games room, squash court, and a table tennis room that will ensure the perfect indoor physical activity to keep you energized.

What are the security measures at Sohni Saiban for residents?

Security has been given prime importance at Sohni Saiban.This is why 24/7 CCTV monitoring shall be done at Sohni Saiban in affiliation with a security company to ensure safety for everyone. Sohni Saiban will also be affiliated with the renowned professional company by the name of Swift Facility management which shall look after the facility and has been in operations since the last 17 years.

Are there any special discounts on booking more than one apartment at Sohni Saiban?

Yes, on a booking of 5 or more apartments made by a single customer under his name, he/she will be entitled to a discount of Rs. 700,000. However, this offer is only applicable on the first 40 units, so if you are planning to avail it you should contact us at the HeadOffice as soon as possible.

What are the installments for apartments at Sohni Saiban?

For those with a tight budget and bigger dreams, Sohni Saiban has installment plans with payments as low as Rs. 65,000 per month. For exact payment please see payment schedule.

What projects are under construction near Sohni Saiban?

Following are a few projects that are being constructed in the same vicinity as Sohni Saiban.

  • Sania Corner
  • Shaz Residency
  • Saima Meadows
  • Noman Residencia
  • Taloo Gold
  • Rabia Enclave

How many floors are there in Sohni Saiban?

Sohni Saiban will stand tall with 15 Floors. And each block will have 4 apartments, whereas each floor will have 4 blocks or 16 apartments.