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Once you purchase your first property, there is no looking back. Whether you buy a plot for investment, a house, or an apartment to live with your loved ones, you must be careful. That’s why before buying a real estate property, you need to do your homework. By making a checklist of factors that are significant for you, you can save yourself from disappointment. For all the new investors, it is crucial to cross-examine every single detail.

Similarly, picking the right location must be your top priority. Living in a good neighborhood can have an evident impact on your family. If your neighborhood is undesirable, it becomes extremely tough to adjust, no matter how flexible you are. Luckily, in a busy city like Karachi, there are multiple convenient locations. Among the top areas, scheme 33 new projects are an excellent choice for everyone.

We are aware that buying a house is an overwhelming experience. As it is the place where you dwell for several years, it is a smart move to spend time verifying everything. There are a lot of ways to ensure that you are going in the right direction. By getting advice from multifamily brokers and experienced people, you can clear any confusion.

By finding a real estate agent with years of work, you can describe your expectations easily. Thus, for insight and expertise, you must not hesitate to contact them.

What Makes Scheme 33 New Projects a Good Investment?

This housing scheme came into being 33 years ago. Since then, it is one of the most reasonable areas in Karachi. Apart from competitive prices, it is close to many areas of Karachi that have great importance. Furthermore, this scheme covers the area from Jauhar to Buffer Zone. Due to this reason, we can say that you get tons of good real estate options for investment.

Scheme 33 is a large area with numerous housing schemes and societies. To be exact, the total number of these schemes is more than 290. As a result, both investors and end-users get a wide variety of options.

Which is the Best Housing Society in Scheme 33 Karachi?

There are quite popular housing schemes in this area. These societies have many facilities like grocery stores, gyms, clinics, parks, etc.

If you are looking for comparatively bigger houses, you will find tons of options there. Also, as the real estate market is flourishing, these are the Best Housing Society in Scheme 33 Karachi for guaranteed returns.

The projects in this area are highly secure, and you can have relatively luxurious societies. In addition to that, to get a plot here, you require proper documentation to ensure that the property is in safe hands. There is another factor that makes some of the neighboring societies different. After buying a plot, you are not allowed to sell it for a time span of a year. Because of this, it attracts genuine and stable buyers.

Because of this, you don’t have to care about the neighborhood. Most of the plots in this area are of 400 sq. yd. Nevertheless, people looking for smaller plots get plenty of choices too.

How to Find an Ideal Apartment in Scheme 33 Karachi?

For the working class in Karachi, buying a flat is a better option. With the increasing property rates, it has become almost impossible to own a house for people with an average income. By keeping this in mind, realtors have made a revolutionary change in this industry. With an extraordinary built scheme 33 new projects, people can enjoy endless comfort for the rest of their lives.

sohni saiban location map

Those who have a small family can take a tour of apartments in this area. When you buy a property there, you get closer to two of the most reputed universities and recreational parks of Karachi. Especially for the students, it is a perfect place to own an apartment.

However, if you want a bigger Apartment in Scheme 33 Karachi, Sohni Saiban provides an amazing option. The common factor in both of these societies is that they have eateries, retail shops, and many more vicinities around them.


These areas are slowly developing into a densely populated space. From big shopping centers to play areas, this scheme offers everything you may need. Because you can find every place here, you don’t have to travel miles on your days off.