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For several decades, apartments have been a good investment in our country. However, since the last decade, we have witnessed massive changes. This is due to some fundamental reasons that people are acknowledging it over the other options. Also, our population is getting familiar with the ideology of this type of investment.

Even though this sort of business is a solid investment, people were unaware of some factors. In contrast to large scale commercial property, investment in apartment depends on the ongoing residential trends and the socio-economic statistics of a country.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Investment in Apartment

The investment in the apartment started increasing in the early 2000s and is still going steady. Because of the consequences of the economic downfall, ownership of homes was affected a few years ago. As a result, the rental rates of apartments are increasing. When the rent of an apartment increases, the value of apartment buildings also increases.

Those who do not understand practical reasons can consider simple traditional reasons. We know that the circumstances are changing like rising interest rates, increasing property taxes, and this pandemic. But, by focusing on the basic property principles, you can make a smart strategy to gain benefits.

In the past, people had this strong belief in their minds that it was clever to invest in a house or duplex instead of an apartment. As the value of land is usually more than apartments, the investors were interested in purchasing houses where the value of land would appreciate for many years. Nevertheless, the population is increasing rapidly, so the trend of people living in apartments is growing.

And, these days apartment complexes offer different facilities to attract more people. Scroll down to know the reasons that make an investment in apartment great for everyone.

Scheme 33 New Projects Investment

What Makes Investment in Scheme 33 Apartment a Better Choice?

It is a popular area in Karachi, as it covers thousands of acres between two of the busiest highways. Moreover, it is situated near the well-developed locations of our city.

This area is surrounded by the famous districts of Karachi. And, the regions include Jinnah International Airport, Circular Railway Station, and the northern M-10 motorway. Having said that, it is going to be extremely convenient for you to find a conveyance.

Apart from that, some well-known landmarks in and close to the locality include amusement parks, Stadium, Universities, cinema, Golf Club, etc.

In addition to the above, this is one of the most affordable areas of Karachi. The projects that are made in this area target middle-class people. These are the reasons due to which, Investment in scheme 33 apartments is preferable for everyone.

What are the Advantages of Purchasing a Flat in scheme 33 Karachi?

Indeed, this area has a lot to offer to the residents. With multiple housing schemes and societies within the area, it may give a variety of opportunities to the investors. In this blog, we have already described this area in detail.

  • Affordability

Flat in scheme 33 Karachi presents an affordable price for first-time investors. In order to spread the risk, you have the option to buy multiple apartments. From 3 to 4 room flat, you can easily search for any place you want.

  • Accessibility

This whole area has all the facilities around it. From famous eateries to pharmacies, everything is close to this area. Besides that, it is near the top public universities of Pakistan as well. Whether you are a student or an office worker, with this much ease, buying a flat in this locality can never be a bad idea.

Sohni Saiban Luxury Apartments


Investment in apartment is the most compelling type of business. As it works on a simple concept that everybody needs a place to live peacefully for the rest of their lives. For investment in a property, make sure to consider three significant points that include location, value-add, and the risk factor.

The location has an integral role in any real estate investment. The kind of real estate such as residential, industrial, office, apartment, retail, etc. defines the image of the area. When you buy an apartment, a good location generally means that you have easy access to centers for employment and transportation.

Speaking of a good real estate project, with their quality work, Sohni Saiban has set new standards in this industry.

Aside from that, Investment in apartment can offer a reliable source of additional income. Secondly, it is easier to maintain flats. Almost every apartment complex has a proper management system responsible for the maintenance of the entire project. Lastly, you can sell the apartment on very short notice based on its location and condition, as most of the people in Karachi can’t afford to buy plots.

As a bonus, you don’t need a business partner or a professional to make the decisions for you. Therefore, you can keep the profit of your investment without sharing it with someone.