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Scheme 33 The Next Residential Center of Karachi

Scheme 33 has become one of the most rapidly developing residential sectors of Karachi. It is one of the few vicinities within the city that are neatly away from the congested urban areas of Karachi while being conveniently connected to all the major and routine destinations.

scheme 33 map

The Best housing projects

From bungalows and housing societies to luxury apartments for sale in scheme 33 karachi, the vicinity is blooming with the best real estate projects of the city. The area had been ignored due to political instability as well as threatening circumstances in the previous decade. Yet, the scenario has changed significantly since the last few years and now the vicinity is offering a prospective suburban lifestyle with the best real estate projects of Karachi. One such project is Sohni Saiban, which is offering flats for sale in karachi on installments at a quite reasonable price. The aspect offered by Sohni Saiban is that of a luxurious lifestyle in a cosy ambience

Convenient in Conveyance

While previously the generation had the mind set that a residence within the busy city area was best, the trends indicate that people are now looking for luxury apartments in karachi for sale which are neatly away from the rushfull city and in what could be called a suburban area. Noise and pollution are only partly the reason behind this shift. While at a glance residence in Scheme-33 may seem a bit farther away, but it could not be further from the truth. The reason behind this statement is that the vicinity is literally only a few minutes away from the daily destinations and connects easily with I.I Chundrigar road via lyari expressway which significantly shortens the distance to a mere 20 minutes. Furthermore, by opting for a luxury apartment for sale in scheme-33 karachi, the residents are also near hospitals, grocery markets as well as academic institutions, which means that a resident has an ease of access to the major destinations along with a classy vicinity.

The Best projects for luxury apartments

Scheme 33 is also housing the best real estate projects for luxury apartments and flats for sale in karachi on installments. Sohni Saiban, for example, is literally providing a luxurious residence at the most reasonable rates with amenities that easily surpass all others in Scheme 33 karachi. With features like a kids play area, underground parking and family parks as well as indoor games, Sohni Saiban is the definitive choice for investment as well as a permanent residence in a posh locality.

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Scheme-33 is likely on its way to becoming the next residential center of karachi. With its neat locality and latest infrastructure along with a long list of real estate projects being developed in the vicinity, people who are aware of the trends and are good at speculation will likely move over to Scheme-33 as their permanent residence.


The Need To Be In A Close Vicinity To Necessities

When looking for a flat for sale in Karachi, it’s imperative to know that the area you opt for has to be conveyance convenient. The trends of living clearly indicate that people are now preferring to live in luxury flats in karachi rather than conventional bungalows or even normal flats. This trend has mostly been picked out from the western style of living, where people prefer to have adequate space instead of too much along with a plethora of amenities.

However, another factor that has led people to opt for luxury apartments in Karachi is because these projects are usually near the areas that have already been habited by many people. This allows for a sense of belonging to a community while having the optimum level of privacy. It’s highly important to be in a vicinity that everything you may need is easily available to you.

Frankly, it’s not much about the cost of fuel for travelling long, but rather the time it takes again and again to procure items of everyday use. Even if you shop monthly for groceries, there is always a chance that something might be missed. Then, there are things that are procured weekly or even daily to ensure freshness. Acquiring these items can be quite hectic if the apartment for sale that you have selected is acutely away from your daily destinations.


Work Commute

Imagine if your future residence is even further away from work than your current one? If it took you half an hour before and now after moving into the new luxury apartment for sale in karachi, your travel duration has simply doubled?
Quite a horrific prospect. Daily travels can cause a constant fatigue and with the rush hours of Karachi, literally drain all the energy out of you. Therefore, it actually becomes necessary that the luxury flat for sale in Karachi you opt for is definitely closer to your work than before. Not only would commuting become easier, but you will also have a lot more energy left to get other household tasks done.


Necessities in Vicinity

There are projects being developed in Karachi which have ensured that the popular as well as regular destinations are in close proximity to them. Projects like Sohni Saiban are strategically located merely minutes from grocery markets like Sabzi Mandi to make sure that grocery shopping becomes a breeze for people who buy their luxury apartments in Karachi. Not only grocery markets, Sohni Saiban has also ensured that institutions as well as medical facilities are close-by in case of any arising emergencies. This renders the area of Scheme-33 a premium investment opportunity or even a place to reside as this will likely lead it to becoming the future residential center. While the whole city becomes congested due to a large number of vehicles and population, people have realized that it’s important to have a sense of privacy and seclusion for the needed peace of mind.


While a flat for sale in Karachi is more than likely to have a shopping center right at the ground floor, these are usually not enough to allow for extensive groceries unless occupied by a large super mart. This means that while residents have the feasibility to get things within 5 minutes of their door, it’s impossible to pack everything there. In other words, a monthly trip to the larger market becomes imperative if one is looking to save and keep a stock of rations for a period of time. With necessities in close proximity, the residents have a lot of relief of not travelling large distances every now and then to get things that are needed almost every day and cannot be stocked up.

The Solution

However, now there is a neat solution to this problem. The soon-to-be-launched real estate project of Sohni Saiban is underway. Located neatly away from city pollution and in easy distance to renowned grocery markets as well as your daily destinations, Sohni Saiban is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for flats for sale in Karachi on installments. The area is perfect with an impeccable environment that is closely connected to all your necessities and linked from lyari expressway to I.I Chundrigar road, meaning your work has never been closer and is now probably less than 30 minutes away at most. In other words, your choice should be clear to you by now.

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apartment shifting

What To Note Before Shifting From One Residence To Another

Switching your home is a massive decision, one that can never be taken lightly especially if you are not fond of relocating every now and then, which to be honest no one is. There are a lot of aspects that are to be considered before one selects a permanent residence.

apartment shifting

Differentiation in Commute

Relocating to a different residence means the duration of your commute everyday is bound to change. In simple terms, unless you are shifting to another city and starting anew, you will need to plan better and carefully how long it will take you to reach the places you visit daily. If your work is near your new home and ease occurs, but if it’s far now, you will have to be a bit ahead of the schedule. This goes for your children’s academic institutions.

Is your new residence near your social circles or is it far? The answer to this question may be different to every individual. If your social circle lies mostly in your current vicinity you are likely to phase out of it overtime if you move too far away.

In our opinion if your residence is less than 20 Km to your routine destinations, then your choice is likely good. You can get this quite easily by opting for a flat for sale in scheme 33 karachi like Sohni Saiban.


Type of Residence

The type of residence you are moving to has a large impact upon your chances of comfort there. If you live in a house then you are likely to be used to a large space. While this space cannot be easily accommodated in a mediocre apartment, you are likely to get the most from luxury apartments for sale in Karachi. In other words, shifting from one residence to another requires you to do careful research on how life is going to change for you. A simple Cost-benefit analysis, and if the benefits outweigh the costs, the decision’s impact becomes clear.

A Better Vicinity

It is a moot point to shift in a vicinity that does not offer you the same perks as before. In other words, if you have taken a decision to shift from one residence to another, it is imperative that your new home should offer you a location that is significantly better than your last. This does not necessarily mean that you are in a jam packed rush hour center. The constant noise is a torture that becomes unbearable overtime. However, this cannot mean that you should be so far away from traffic that you are in a society that is virtually out of the city. For these reasons, you should pick a project that is neatly away from congestion and acutely near your necessities. For this reason, a flat for sale in Scheme 33 in Karachi would also be a big plus point for you, as a number of projects like Sohni Saiban are under construction there and this is likely to be the future residential center of Karachi.

sohni saiban location map

The large scale markets like Sabzi Mandi are quite close to this area meaning that residents will be able to easily get their daily groceries. Also, hospitals and many academic institutions are merely a stone’s throw from the project, meaning you are always near from where you want to be. The link to Lyari expressway provides another opportunity to have a straight beeline to commercial areas with minimal traffic, linking you to I.I. Chundrigar Road.

A Long term decision

Locating to a different residence is quite a long term decision, as shifting can be quite a headache. So in simple words, you have to be sure that the next residence you pick shall likely be your permanent residence for at least a decade, and will be more comfortable than your current one. In other words, if you are looking for an apartment for sale in Karachi, you should look up Sohni Saiban.