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Best Tips For Decorating Any Apartment

When it comes to apartment decoration, there are a multitude of ideas out there. Not only that, but there are various decoratives available for this purpose as well. The way you decorate your apartment, however, depends heavily on the apartment itself.

If you live in a small apartment, it would require different treatment as compared to that of a larger apartment. If you live in a lavish luxurious apartment at, for example, Sohni Saiban, it would call for a different decor than a regular apartment. In the same manner, apartment decoration would vary if you’re dealing with a larger apartment that needs more natural light.

Moreover, apartment decoration also varies if you’re a tenant and do not own the apartment. In such a case, you cannot make significant changes to the apartment, such as renovating your kitchen. Fortunately, if you wish to embellish your apartment, it’s not necessary to make huge, permanent changes.

Seemingly insignificant things like table lamps or wall art can improve the look of your apartment by a large margin. In addition, a well-decorated apartment enhances how you feel when you are living in it. If you’re thinking about prettifying your apartment, scroll down to find the best tips.

Create a Gallery Wall

When it comes to apartment decorating on a budget, creating a gallery wall is one of the most effective methods to use. If you’re smart, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it either. Also, for those who don’t know, it is not necessary to only use professional artwork on a gallery wall.

Alternatively, you can dust off your old photos and hang them up on your gallery wall. Other than that, you can take it up a notch by exploring your artistic side and hanging up your own artwork and paintings. All these things on your gallery wall can make the whole room interesting, colorful, and characterful.

Beautify The Built-Ins

If you’re looking for cheap ways to decorate apartment walls, this tip will come in incredibly handy to you. There are many apartments were exposed fixtures spoil the whole look of the apartment. If you are a renter, you may not be able to remodel some of these fixtures. But that does not mean you have to let them keep ruining your apartment’s appearance.

To deal with this, you can use a variety of accessories or DIY coverings in a number of ways to hide those unattractive cables in your bedroom and unsightly pipes in your kitchen. For instance, you can use a decorative framed photo to cover a non-functioning outlet. Also, if you have an old and ugly wall heater that is not in use, you can disguise it with an ornate grate.

Make Use of Mirrors

Using mirrors is perhaps the most overlooked apartment decoration technique. Nevertheless, it remains among the most fruitful ways of decorating an apartment, especially the small ones. Since mirrors reflect light, they efficiently open up the size of a space.

For this reason, we recommend you to hang a mirror near a window. You can do this in any room, but its effect would be most noticeable in smaller rooms, such as a bathroom, and rooms that need to be big, such as a dining room. Doing so would make your rooms feel not just larger but brighter as well.

Adopt Smart Storage

Apartment decoration does not only have to be pretty; it can be functional as well. Storing your stuff creatively is a great decorating technique that can help you achieve both. For this purpose, you can use collapsible furniture, shelves, hidden or stackable storage, and pegboards. These things can help you keep your things out of sight. Additionally, they will make you organize your stuff in a way that is neat and aesthetically pleasing. Smart storage reduces the clutter in your apartment and looks fascinating in operation.


Decorating your apartment for any reason is a great practice. However, you shouldn’t have to do it to hide faults. Instead, the decoration should be done to enhance the look of your already good-looking apartment. Sohni Saiban understands this and has a beautiful flat for sale in scheme 33 Karachi for you. We, at Sohni Saiban, support apartment decoration a lot, but we make sure it does not become a necessity for you. Get a charming apartment at Sohni Saiban and decorate it in any way you like.

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How To Make Your Luxury Apartment Extra Luxurious

Without a doubt, luxury apartments (especially luxury apartments in Scheme 33 Karachi) are a great investment. A luxury apartment at Sohni Saiban is built in a way that it is bound to look aesthetically pleasing, where every apartment is a corner apartment. However, a homeowner tries his best in order to make his home, whether it is a regular apartment or a luxury apartment, even more beautiful.

You would be happy to know that there are tons of easy and cheap ways to make your luxury apartment even more spacious and pretty. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most achievable ways of making your luxury apartment extra luxurious.

Install More Mirrors

An extra number of mirrors is the perfect recipe for a spacious luxury apartment. With different mirror frames, shapes, and sizes, you can give your luxury apartment a specialized look. You can make your luxury apartment look vintage, royal, futuristic, or anything that you want; the possibilities are endless.

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Install More Lights

A house with bright lighting is never going to be a bad sight. In bright places, you automatically feel better and light. That is not even the best quality of extra lighting. The best one is that bright lights make your luxury apartment extra-large.

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Use Advanced Technology

Another way that people often use to make their luxury apartments better is using the latest and most advanced technology in their apartments. The new technology includes smart alarms, locks, TVs, showers, and other pieces of equipment. In addition to that, you can also take help from some great voice assistants available out there, for example, Alexa, Siri, and others.

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Add in little High-End Stuff

Even if you can’t afford a lot of high-end accessories or materials to make your house look luxurious, here is something you can do. You can add in small pieces of high-end stuff like using leather sofas, crystal show pieces, marble, antique gold, etc. There are so many small luxurious things that you can add in and give your house a completely new look.

Use Light Paints

If you have a small apartment then you should look for paints that are not too dark as darker colors make your house look smaller.
Use lighter paint pallets to make your house look lively and spacious.

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Go Artistic

Don’t be afraid to show off your artistic vibes. If you are a painting enthusiast and want to hang paintings on your walls then you should definitely go for it.
Hanging paintings on the wall makes your apartment look luxurious and give it a great look. Show off your style.


The right combination of the ways mentioned above will get your luxury apartment from 10 to 100. However, you still need a nice luxury apartment to work with. Sohni Saiban has a great apartment for sale in Karachi for you. Contact us and get the keys to your new dream home as soon as possible.

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What Are The Benefits of Buying A Luxury Apartment At Sohni Saiban

Do you know what’s better than an apartment in a central area of Karachi? The answer is a luxury apartment in a central area of Karachi. You probably wonder why some people get excited when they see an ad saying, luxury apartment for sale in Karachi. Many of you may think that a luxury apartment is not worth all the investment, but very few of you think about its benefits.
Speaking of the benefits of a luxury apartment, there are tons of it. However, there are a few that deserve special mention. So without further ado, here are the benefits of buying a luxury apartment at Sohni Saiban.

Secure Living

Safety is one of the biggest issues in Karachi, so we have paid extra attention to it. In fact, we assure you that your luxury apartment will be a little fortress for you. Our highly efficient and advanced alarm and CCTV camera systems allow the residents of Sohni Saiban to feel safe and secure.

apartment security

In addition to that, we keep our security guards well equipped with all the necessary gadgets and weapons to deal with any kind of emergency. We only hire individuals who are highly trained and experienced to operate in dangerous situations.

High Rental Yields

If for a few years, you need to leave Karachi or your apartment, you should know that rental yields at Sohni Saiban are higher than even regular apartments. This makes your investment in our luxury apartments very safe. We promise an unusually high return on investment. For this actual figures, you can visit our office.

Consistent Development

We, at Sohni Saiban, are constantly trying to improve ourselves in terms of infrastructure, facilities, and security. Our special focus is on engineering innovations which also involve the introduction of innovative and smart technologies within our apartments.

flat for sale in karachi

This is why Sohni Saiban is one of the best property dealers in the city. Our continual improvement and development is the reason why we get more buyers every year compared to the last year.

Easy Payment Methods

This is why we try to provide as much ease to them as possible with easy to pay monthly and quarterly installment plans of up to 25 to 48 months. Two types of Installment plans are available with and without bank loan availing, just to provide more and more options for our customers to get benefit from. For more details visit our website.

This is one of the most primary reasons that Sohni Saiban is at the top of the game right now.


If you are a smart investor, you should know that investing in a luxury apartment at Sohni Saiban is totally worth it. There are a large number of luxury apartments in Scheme 33 Karachi that await your arrival. Sohni Saiban will help you get buy them at the best prices and in the best possible way. So visit our office before someone else takes away your dream luxury apartment.

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Scheme 33 The Next Residential Center of Karachi

Scheme 33 has become one of the most rapidly developing residential sectors of Karachi. It is one of the few vicinities within the city that are neatly away from the congested urban areas of Karachi while being conveniently connected to all the major and routine destinations.

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The Best housing projects

From bungalows and housing societies to luxury apartments for sale in scheme 33 karachi, the vicinity is blooming with the best real estate projects of the city. The area had been ignored due to political instability as well as threatening circumstances in the previous decade. Yet, the scenario has changed significantly since the last few years and now the vicinity is offering a prospective suburban lifestyle with the best real estate projects of Karachi. One such project is Sohni Saiban, which is offering flats for sale in karachi on installments at a quite reasonable price. The aspect offered by Sohni Saiban is that of a luxurious lifestyle in a cosy ambience

Convenient in Conveyance

While previously the generation had the mind set that a residence within the busy city area was best, the trends indicate that people are now looking for luxury apartments in karachi for sale which are neatly away from the rushfull city and in what could be called a suburban area. Noise and pollution are only partly the reason behind this shift. While at a glance residence in Scheme-33 may seem a bit farther away, but it could not be further from the truth. The reason behind this statement is that the vicinity is literally only a few minutes away from the daily destinations and connects easily with I.I Chundrigar road via lyari expressway which significantly shortens the distance to a mere 20 minutes. Furthermore, by opting for a luxury apartment for sale in scheme-33 karachi, the residents are also near hospitals, grocery markets as well as academic institutions, which means that a resident has an ease of access to the major destinations along with a classy vicinity.

The Best projects for luxury apartments

Scheme 33 is also housing the best real estate projects for luxury apartments and flats for sale in karachi on installments. Sohni Saiban, for example, is literally providing a luxurious residence at the most reasonable rates with amenities that easily surpass all others in Scheme 33 karachi. With features like a kids play area, underground parking and family parks as well as indoor games, Sohni Saiban is the definitive choice for investment as well as a permanent residence in a posh locality.

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Scheme-33 is likely on its way to becoming the next residential center of karachi. With its neat locality and latest infrastructure along with a long list of real estate projects being developed in the vicinity, people who are aware of the trends and are good at speculation will likely move over to Scheme-33 as their permanent residence.

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How Is Sohni Saiban Better Than Other Projects Of The Vicinity

Scheme-33 has been on the rise as one of the best vicinities to reside in Karachi. The changing trends indicate that people now look for an apartment for sale Karachi rather than a bungalow. However, luxury apartments for sale can be quite expensive and there can be a major dent on the pocket in acquiring one. However, when it comes to luxury apartment for sale in scheme 33 karachi, those are available at quite a nominal price.

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A Better Lifestyle on a reasonable price

Currently, the main reason Scheme-33 is much more reasonable than locating within the city is because people still consider it a bit far from the city. Yet, those who recognize the development and function of suburban areas are acutely aware of the benefits as well as the factor that this type of living will be the prevalent one in the future. Projects like Sohni Saiban are garnering a lot of attention from the public as these aim to provide an elegant lifestyle and luxury flats for sale in Karachi on installments that are much more affordable.

flat for sale in karachi

Sohni Saiban is a prime choice

Sohni Saiban acutely stands out from the rest in the vicinity due in part to its classy amenities and features of the future that are not available in any other project of Scheme-33. Also, Sohni Saiban is offering an apartment for sale in Karachi at the lowest prices when compared with other luxury apartments in Scheme 33 Karachi. There are many projects located side by side across the road from Sohni Saiban.Yet, Sohni Saiban has already begun its construction and shall soon be a reality. Also, the minds behind Sohni Saiban are the same ones who have been behind the success for many other real estate projects in Karachi. Each project undertaken by Noble Group, has seen unprecedented success and the prices of these projects have increased significantly as soon as they are launched.

sohni saiban exterior view

Also, Sohni Saiban has a plethora of amenities and yet is almost equally priced as just another flat for sale in Karachi. And, with an underground parking complex (No present in the blueprints of any other project in the vicinity) life at Sohni Saiban is sure to be bliss personified.

Luxuriously Comfortable

Indoor games and a family park are just a few of the things available for residents of Sohni Saiban. The kids play area will be an amazing place for kids to rejoice and engage in recreation with their guardians nearby watching.

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Ventilation is a primary feature at every apartment in Sohni Saiban. Every apartment is a corner apartment which means that luxury apartments for sale will enjoy a beautiful view from their balcony and the open area of Scheme 33.

The Life beyond best

Sohni Saiban is not just better because it offers a plethora of amenities and facilities to its users, but also because it presents an exemplary opportunity for people of Karachi to experience the life of excellence in the posh vicinity of Scheme 33 with minimal cost. Those looking for a flat for sale in Karachi to invest up also get the advantage to make a significant profit upon their investment as the prices will likely appreciate radically and that time is not too far!

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Luxury Apartment-living vs Living in a House: Which is more secure & comfortable

Luxury becomes inevitable with the persistent rise in living standards, effectively evolving our lifestyle dynamics and changing us for the better eventually. While many opted for a house earlier, most of these people are now preferring a life in a luxury apartment. After all, not only have people realized that areas not maintained by the private sector deteriorate in infrastructure over time but are also neglected in development, effectively outdating the standards of living they once offered. Even a new society rapidly depreciates in value. However, this can almost never be the case with luxury apartments for sale in karachi like Sohni Saiban.

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When it comes to security for a house, the dynamics usually work like either the owner of the house can simply employ a security guard right in front of his home who is responsible for only the single house and even this can be quite costly. Furthermore this does not in any way ensure an appropriate level of security as the guard cannot canvas the entire outer structure of your house at all times which means you are still vulnerable to breaking and entering to a big extent. This however, significantly changes for a luxury apartment. The guard is stationed right at the entrance of the project which is only the first obstacle for an individual with malicious intent for your home. Projects like Sohni Saiban further increase the level of security with constant CCTV monitoring of the premises and have a reception that keeps records of everyone visiting. This ensures that no one approaching the building goes unnoticed and vigilant surveillance is available round the clock. The best thing about its feasibility is that these security services are covered in a single maintenance charge, meaning a greater level of security is assured with a minimal cost.

apartment security


If spacious is comfortable, houses take the cake to a certain extent. However, people often prefer cosiness in the luxury apartments they look for. With Sohni Saiban and its luxury flats for sale in Karachi on installments, residents know well that not only can they pay much more easily without a major dent on their bank accounts, but can also rest assured that the project will be in accordance with what was portrayed to them.

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What establishes luxury apartments as a better alternative to houses are the value added services and facilities. Even If your house is quite a big one, the best it can offer is a small lawn as an open area. It’s simply not possible to have a proper recreational area within your house, but these amenities are a part of Sohni Saiban. In other words, the activities as well as amenities that you cannot even imagine at your own home will be in easy access just a few floors below your home at Sohni Saiban. An underground parking complex that ensures your vehicle is completely safe from theft or dent, elevators that take you up, all these are present at Sohni Saiban, ready to be made use of at the ease of residents. Gone are the days when you needed to drive to reach a family park, because at Sohni Saiban it’s literally present combined with a kids play area at floor 7!

You don’t need to fret if there is a power outage, Wait a few moments as the power backup kicks in automatically. In short when looking for whether to choose a house or a luxury apartment, if you are in Karachi, a house has nothing compared to the benefits you will be getting at Sohni Saiban.

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Full payment or Instalment Plan Which is a better option to buy an apartment

When looking for a luxury apartment for sale in Karachi, a person has to take the right steps to ensure that not only the best perks are availed in the budget but also the right choice is made. Your apartment or home is never a short termed decision. Even from an investment point of view, it’s necessary to narrow down your list before finally making the decision to invest in your living standard.

A Rise in Apartments and houses for Sale in Pakistan

With the rising number of real estate projects all over Pakistan, most people often opt to live in one of the three major cities of the country. Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. While Lahore and Islamabad are developed, they are much more congested due to the lack of area. This leaves Karachi as the first choice because of its space as well as its metropolitan stature. Karachi, being the largest city of Pakistan and its former capital too, has been developed and is still considered one of the best cities to live in Pakistan.

flat for sale in karachi

Looking for the right place to live

However, purchasing real estate can be quite a burden on a person unless the right project is found and invested in. Not only do you have to look at all the prospects and disadvantages of the property you may invest in, but you also need to know whether the projected appreciation will actually occur or not. This is best done by looking at the portfolio of the builders. However, most of the time the decision comes down to the finality of price and payment procedures.

payment or installment

Payments should not be a burden

Not everyone is able to give a single payment to completely settle their dues in an instance. And for this reason most flats for sale in karachi on installments, especially the ones under construction along with being a great investment opportunity like Sohnhi Saiban, opt to give their customers the ability to choose from different payment plans which best cater to their needs.

Opt Best for yourself

There are a certain number of discounts that a customer can avail should he choose to give a single payment to the builders, yet this is often not the most feasible option. In a single payment while you will be free of debt and you will gain the possession of your property as soon as possible, a tidy sum will have been deducted from your accounts which can always be a serious blow to your finances. Also, an under construction project can rear up many problems and situations in which case selling off your property can be quite a hurdle.
Choosing an installment package along with a house loan is sometimes a better option. While at the end you may have to pay more compared to the single payment amount, yet you can rest easy that these installments in small amounts are much more manageable for an average person.

What Sohni Saiban Offers

Sohni Saiban offers two installment plans for your convenience. You have the choice to either pay quarterly installments of monthly installments, whichever seems feasible for you. This allows you as prospective owner to actually gain possession of your property upon your own terms. Instead of experiencing a financial crash, these minimal amounts (in comparison to a single down payment) are much easier to manage and allow for you to make payment upto the 10th of the month the installment becomes due.
For Type-A apartments, the total amount that a customer pays will amount to Rs. 6,750,000. For Type-B apartments the total amount of payment shall conclude to Rs. 6,375,000. You can further check for specifications at https://sohnisaiban.com/#payment_schedule or simply call us at 021-34540950 OR 0335-SAIBAN1.
To simply put, it solely depends upon your financial condition for the schedule you opt for when looking for a flat for sale in Karachi, but often you will surely observe that opting for installments is definitely a better choice when compared to putting up all the cash in your project. In other words, our advice is to analyze finances before making the decision to invest, as the cost involved can be quite high.

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What to expect in a luxury apartment

There has been a steady rise in migration from rural areas to the urbanity of Karachi. As such, this has led to an increase in the demand for residence in the city. Ultimately the number of real estate projects have increased, especially, the flats for sale in Karachi are rising at an exponential rate. Among them is also the one that might peak your interest. You are reading its blog after all. However, it’s advisable to do your own research before you make an informed decision to invest at Sohni Saiban.

In retrospect, many people have started looking for luxury apartments instead of houses in congested vicinities. As these seem to be a much better and safer alternative than buying or renting a house. If you are looking forward to a luxurious lifestyle and a secure residence, luxury apartments are definitely the choice you should make.

Let this article be your perfect guide to ensure you find the best luxury apartment and when you finally make a purchase of an apartment for sale in karachi, you can rest easy knowing you chose well with Sohni Saiban.

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Vicinity is your first priority

The first thing a person needs to ensure is that the neighborhood is highly habitable. If you are too far from the city there is a chance that you will get exhausted every time you venture outside. However, if you find an apartment for sale in karachi that is too close to reputable places, be ready to endure a lot of pollution (both noise and air among various sorts). In other words, easy accessibility along with being conveniently away can be a remarkable choice if you are looking for luxury apartments in karachi. You also need to ensure that routinely destinations like hospitals, offices and academic institutions along with grocery markets are in the close vicinity or at least not too far away from your home. In this case too, Sohni Saiban can be an optimum choice as it is located conveniently near the most popular and densely populated areas of Karachi and yet neatly away from the city pollution that has encased Karachi in recent decades.

Be Sure You’re Secure

Once you have checked the vicinity off, your list will considerably narrow down, leaving only either some of the best or many question mark projects you will likely be unsure of. No worries, this factor will likely clear the picture towards your dream apartment for sale in karachi. Apartments are naturally more secure than houses. But where luxury flats in Karachi differentiate is the number of measures taken to ensure maximum safety for residents, While its a norm that every apartment project has a security guard out front, this is enhanced significantly by adding a reception before stairs and elevators that accounts for every unknown visitor. An added layer of security in best luxury apartments is CCTV monitoring done 24/7. This surveillance acts as a warning to every troublemaker rendering an easier life for the residents. As an offering of premium luxury apartments in Karachi, Sohni Saiban provides these factors along with a plethora of amenities for the ease and comfort of its residents.

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Cornered is best

If you are looking for a residence at a luxury flat for sale in karachi, finding a corner apartment is the best choice. This is due to the fact that corner apartments are better ventilated with a higher number of windows and sometimes even larger spaces. By the waya, did you know? Every apartment at Sohni Saiban is a corner apartment!

corner apartment

The Luxurious Nuance of the Perfect Ambience

Your gaze should be mesmerized the moment you set foot inside your luxury apartment. The ambience is usually the most visible difference that separates a normal apartment from a luxury one. This is usually more apparent when one looks at the brochure often kept by real estate agents and also available at the websites of the real estate projects.

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A cut above the rest

After you have evaluated all the above points, you are likely to have narrowed down your list for a luxury apartment for sale in karachi down to only a few best ones. Last but never the least is the set of amenities offered by the future residents by the luxury apartment project. While security is of utmost importance, it has already been discussed above. The other amenities include things like a walking track, kids play area etc. Among these for adults, a covered car parking is definitely on the top priority. This allows them to have a safe place for their vehicles rendering them ease and comfort in not only having a reserved space but also the satisfaction of knowing they are unlikely to find any new dents or scratches tomorrow when they start their cars. Kids play area and a chic rooftop are additions that enhance the living experience, where children can play safely while under their parents’ and guardians’ supervision. You can also find them at Sohni Saiban if the question popped into your mind.

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