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How To Turn Your Apartment Balcony Into A Private Sanctuary?

The balcony of your apartment is the perfect spot to relax and unwind. You can read a book, lounge on your favourite chair or hold a BBQ party with your friends. However, if your noisy neighbour has a habit of peeping into your balcony, it can spoil your little moments of joy. But don’t fret, we have some amazing tips and tricks that will turn your balcony into a private spot where you can enjoy at leisure. Let’s take a look at these amazing apartment balcony ideas that will make your neighbours envious.

Amazing Apartment Balcony Ideas on a Budget

Using your creative skills, you can turn your small balcony into a peaceful sanctuary. The sound of trickling water from a fountain, maintaining greenery, using colourful pouffes, keeping a bookshelf, a small coffee table and a rug complete the picture of an ideal apartment’s balcony. Here are some easy-to-implement ideas that would turn your balcony into a private haven.

Keep plants

If you place green indoor plants in your balcony, it would instantly bring tranquility and a sense of well-being. The colour green brings out the balance and is known to promote feelings of positivity and peace. It is also a known fact that keeping your relaxation spot green triggers creativity and is important to make your surroundings inviting. Some people also place hanging flowering pots that add to the curb appeal of your house. Whether you like green, leafy plants, crotons, or the seasonal flowering plants like asters and phlox, maintaining them can be quite challenging if you are new at it.

If you are facing difficulty in watering the plants and maintaining them, you can also use weather-resistant green privacy screens to keep the environment green. The more green you have within your visual radius, the better your mental and psychological health and well-being would be. If nothing works you can also carpet the patio green and make it a tropical paradise.

Comfortable outdoor furniture

Another thing that turns your apartment’s balcony into a private haven is to add comfortable furniture. You can add wicker chairs, pouffes, or a cozy sofa. To make it even more inviting use crocheted throws or woollen blankets if you live in a colder region. If you do not like sofa sets for your balcony then buy studio chairs that look even more stunning. Keep colourful cushions on your seating area for a more vibrant outlook. In case your balcony or patio has limited space, then use a swinging hammock that uses less area but adds to the warmth and coziness.

If you like to read books, then use a reclining chair or maybe an armchair that would help you relax and enjoy your favourite read. A coffee table on the side with a vase full of fresh flowers, your favourite books and a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee is a perfect picture of a blissful life!

Illuminate the Space

At night, your urban oasis needs some lighting up! Use a string of lights that not only look fancy but add the glimmer and shine that is much required. If you like to spend quality time with your family then you will enjoy the glimmering lights and the unending chatter of your loved ones.

Use Stick On Tiles

One of the best apartment balcony ideas on a budget is to use stick on tiles on your ceiling. Pick a design you love and all you have to do is paste those tile stickers on your ceiling. They look stunning and the price is pretty low. Your guests would think you have spent so much on the ceiling tiles, however it would cost you nothing!

Keep a Bird Feeder

Who doesn’t like chirping, colourful birds? Place some seeds and fruits in a small container on your balcony. Watch those fluttering friends come and go! They add to the tranquil environment of your balcony. Sometimes rare birds visit your house which you can watch and enjoy! Bird-watching becomes a treat on your patio!

Have a Bookshelf

For book-lovers, a bookshelf with a variety of books is a perfect treat. If you have a cozy seating arrangement, then a good collection of your favourite books makes it a perfect sanctuary! If your patio is too small for a bookshelf, then place some selected books on your coffee table and cherish every moment you spend with your books.

We hope these easy to implement apartment balcony ideas would make you and your guests happy! Make sure to use privacy screens on your balcony to avoid nosy neighbours peeping into your private space! In case you are looking for a beautiful apartment for yourself, then check out residential flats in Scheme 33 and book your dream flat at affordable rates!

Apartment Vs Plot Which Is The Best Investment Option?

Investing in real estate is a once in a lifetime decision. That is why investors evaluate all options before reaching a decision. Whether it is good to buy a house, flat or a plot depends on your budget, preferences and lifestyle choices. If you are not able to decide whether investing in an apartment is better or purchasing a plot is a wise decision, then this blog is for you. We are about to discuss both the good and bad points of investing in an apartment vs. a plot. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Pros of Buying an Apartment

Since there are plenty of new apartment schemes in Karachi homeowners particularly want to know the merits of investing in a flat. That is why we will first discuss why buying an apartment is a lucrative investment option.

Community Living

One of the biggest benefits of buying an apartment is that you get to enjoy shared communal facilities. Amenities like parking, gymnasium, garden, swimming pool, cafe and indoor restaurant are equally enjoyed by the residents. Maintenance of all these facilities is the responsibility of the management.

Greater Return on Investment

Investing in apartments can lead to better returns. Location is really important in real estate. Flats are usually located in areas that promise greater return on investment. This is one of the reasons why homeowners prefer purchasing a flat over other options.

Easy Maintenance

Living in a flat requires low maintenance. Since a lot of people share the living space, you get to enjoy all the benefits. Even maintenance costs are shared. Facilities like elevators, waste management and house help are easily managed by the landlord.

Low Costs

You can easily buy an apartment initially at low costs. Since apartments are built on less area of land and have many residential units in a single building, it is relatively low priced than a readymade house or even a plot in a prestigious location.

Cons of Buying an Apartment

There are a few drawbacks of purchasing a flat as well. It all depends on the kind of lifestyle you wish to lead.

Limited Space

People who live in an apartment have less space. You are restricted to live in the same unit as designed by the landlord. Big, luxurious apartments still lack the kind of luxury a customized house can bring. If you buy a plot, you can easily build the house of your choice.

Less Privacy

Living in a shared space has its disadvantages. If you have a noisy neighbour, it is less likely that you would enjoy living in a flat. Peeping neighbours and noise can affect your life. That is why, investors who value privacy over anything else prefer buying a plot of land to build a house of their preferences.

Pros of Buying a Plot of Land

Buying a plot of land has many benefits. Here are a few mentionable ones:


Building a dream home has its perks. You can sketch the floor plan, design the layout according to your liking. If you prefer big, airy rooms, functional kitchen and a spacious lounge, then you should invest in a plot of land.

Ready for Possession

Plots can be purchased in the name of the person who has bought it. You can also transfer land to your spouse, children or parents. This flexibility helps you to take possession of your property and transfer to the person you want without any hassle.

Superior Construction Quality

A plot owner can ensure the construction quality. If you are building your own house, you will buy the top construction material. You can install top-notch fittings, marble flooring and good quality sanitary ware in your house.

Plot Value Appreciates

Another major reason why investing in plots is usually recommended is that the value of land appreciates over time. If there is any development in the area where your plot is located, then it affects the real estate prices in that region.

Easily Sellable

You can easily sell a plot of land. Since there is no construction on it, homeowners who wish to build their own dream home prefer purchasing it. As mentioned, the process of transfer of property is not complicated as well.

Cons of Buying a Plot of Land

There are some drawbacks of investing in a plot.

No Earning

You can’t rent out a plot. While a constructed house or apartment can yield good returns, a plot of land can only be sold to attain better profits. This means you can’t generate any revenue on the plot you have invested in. It can be a major hitch for those who are planning to achieve short-term gains.

Depreciates Fast

Just like the real estate prices of a plot can unexpectedly increase due to development work in the area, it can also depreciate because of lack of infrastructure or basic facilities. Purchasing a plot is a big gamble. You can never be sure whether the prices of your plot will increase in the future or not.

As mentioned above, there are plenty of benefits of buying an apartment over a plot. However, people who are looking for long term investment prefer investing in a plot. So, if you are really into buying an apartment for yourself, consider purchasing flats in Scheme 33 which are laced with all the facilities that ensure a comfortable and peaceful life. At Sohni Saiban, we ensure that you get the best value for your money. Contact us for the best deal in town!

sohni saiban exterior view

Apartment Option on Installment in Scheme 33 Karachi

It is evident from the last few years that numerous real estate investors have earned wealth by purchasing apartment buildings. Similarly, you can start as a beginner and become a successful investor. If you are eager to buy a property, you can follow the footsteps of such great businessmen and purchase an apartment for yourself.

Whatever place you choose for buying a flat, it’s imperative to be assured about the location you pick. Therefore, when you decide on a location, as an investor be aware of the area information beforehand.

Currently, for the residents of Karachi, Scheme 33 is an excellent option. It is situated near the main areas and arteries of our city. This scheme is made especially for the working class, so it comprises multiple small housing societies. As the prices of property in these societies are reasonable, it is within the range of an ordinary middle-class individual. However, it doesn’t mean that the quality of lifestyle is poor. Those who are looking for an apartment must consider Flat in Scheme 33 Karachi as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This scheme keeps you connected with the lively parts of the city. Not to mention, the security of society is the primary concern of the majority of the buyers. In this blog, we will tell you easy ways to get a flat in Scheme 33 Karachi in a laidback installment plan.

Which Factor Makes Flat in Scheme 33 Karachi Great for Karachiites?

There is a misconception that the distribution of utility services in these areas are often disturbed. However, this is not true, as the realtors make sure that these services are undisturbed. On that note, it is a safe and smart option to head towards these areas.

From a tax perspective, unlike some other areas, investing in this scheme is a good deal. As the payable tax ratio of this scheme is affordable, just like the property itself.

How to Find the Best Flat for Sale on Installment in Scheme 33 Karachi?

One of the initial steps you must take while investing in the real estate industry in Pakistan is to do detailed research. When you see an advertisement on Flat for Sale on Installment in Scheme 33 Karachi, put together a list of things.

Remember, the installment plans may vary with the neighborhood. With respect to the locality and the exquisite facilities, the price and the installment plans may change. Once you get familiar with the property rates, avoid overspending your money on the flat you buy on an installment plan.

Most of the new projects in this scheme have attractive payment plans. Make sure to compare your favorite options with your budget to see if they fall within your range. To estimate the exact worth of your property, weigh it by considering the size, type, and additional features. All these factors are significant before you invest your hard-earned money on a flat with installment plans.

The basic necessity that must be present in an apartment is all day long utility supplies, reliable security, and well-connected area. Other than that, inquire about every detail thoroughly. For instance, check if the building offers a lift with power backup, as it is compulsory for a tall building with multiple floors to have this facility.

Why Flat for sale in Scheme 33 Karachi is the Ultimate Choice?

As mentioned above, flat in Scheme 33 Karachi are unexpectedly affordable. Because the goal is to offer reasonable housing to salaried people. According to different surveys, half the population of our city lives on daily wages, commissions, or fixed monthly salaries.

So, it is not a surprise that it is impossible for most of these people to own a house. However, with this much affordability, the housing scheme is getting in their reach because of the hassle-free payment plans.

sohni saiban new types

In Conclusion

The real estate market of Pakistan is evolving with each passing day. And, realtors are adding extraordinary features in their projects to give an exceptional experience to the buyers. With indoor recreation activities, a top-notch security system, parking services, etc. apartment complexes are becoming fantastic options.

What’s more, it is no secret that this location is an important center of our city. Thus, Sohni Saiban delivers an outclass work in this scheme as well.

sohni saiban reception

Noble Group Invites You To The Launching Ceremony Of Sohni Saiban

Noble Group has provided the best real estate experience by satisfying the need of each client. That is why all our customers feel like part of the Noble group family. In Karachi, the landscape of real estate is on the brink of a massive transformation. In recent times, the housing industry is booming, as the population is rapidly increasing.

Hence, we are gladly inviting you to our project launching ceremony to share the details of your new home with you. With 100% transparency, we will enlighten you with every single detail.

To offer great packages possible to the dweller of the city of lights, Noble Group has come up with an excellent project like Sohni Saiban. After this pandemic, every market has faced a downturn economically. Despite everything, to keep your life contented, we are giving you an opportunity to buy a residence for yourself and your family.

sohni saiban reception

On top of that, we have collaborated with the most reliable bank in the country to provide easy financing options. At the Sohni Saiban launching ceremony, you will get a glimpse of the benefits you will get after becoming our customers.

Moreover, we are all prepared to welcome you to the ceremony with good food and music. We have made arrangements for everyone. It is our responsibility to keep you entertained while you socialize with your new neighbors. Plus, the pioneers of the project will be there to meet you.

In this digital era, we strive to make the whole process of home purchasing and selling simple for you. Our team of professionals provides the ultimate customer service by going above and beyond. With these efforts, we make sure you are getting what you want. For your utmost satisfaction, we will be there to help you clear up your confusion.

In this project, we offer beautiful Flats in scheme 33 Karachi. According to the number of people in your family, you can find a luxurious apartment in our project. The idea behind this entire project was to provide recreation, safety, and entertainment to the people. We bring ease to your daily life activities. These apartments are attached to the main routes of the city. So, even in rush hours, you will manage to commute around the city. Our project is setting a new standard for perfection by improving your lifestyle.

sohni saiban exterior view

In this project, we have everything that a person needs. From gyms to places for shopping, you will get the things you that are essential for you. These numerous facilities will make our project one of the most profitable investments in the city. Besides that, the rates we are offering are justified and gives you a lot of leverage. You can pick the installment plan that is more feasible for you. The payment options we provide are completely safe.

Please come and join us at the launch celebration of our successful project Sohni Saiban. And, take the first step towards a better future.

Strategic Financing Alliance – Noble Group and Habib Metro Bank

Recently, in Karachi, Noble Group and Habib Metro Bank are two independent organizations that have signed an agreement to collaborate in the engineering, growth, and sale of low-priced housing societies. Indeed, this is a great initiative to help people fulfill their dream of owning a house. As a result of the strategic financing alliance between these two companies, the customers of Sohni Saiban will get financing facilities in order to purchase a property.

There is a formal agreement to ensure that the customers are able to make their payments without any difficulty. As a bonus, the clients can get financing with hassle-free installments at an exceptional rate for more than 20 years. The special scheme Mera Pakistan Mera Gher by Sohni Saiban offers housing at competitive prices. Also, the value of the property begins from 57 lac rupees only. For the first five years of the purchase, they provide low profit financing for purchasing a house i.e., only seven percent.

Moreover, Noble Group is a reputable company that has almost 18 projects that were incredibly successful. Recently, with Sohni Saiban, they are offering a Flat for sale in scheme 33 on installments. The scheme has a stunningly designed garden for every block to grant a spacious recreational area, jogging track, playing area for your kids and much more for your loved ones. That allows you to relish your idle time with your family. Apart from that, they have a sauna, fitness center, rooms for various indoor activities, and badminton courts. These features allow residents of every age group to make most of their day. Above all, this project has permission from all the appropriate authorities.

When the alliance was established, the CEO (Zuhair Naqvi), Farrukh Naseem (COO), and Muhammad Ibrahim (CFO) of Noble Group were present. In addition to that, from Habib Metro Bank, Mohammad Khan (Head Islamic Banking), Fahad Manzoor (Product Head Mortgages), and Ahmed Shah Khattak (Head of Products) attended the occasion.

Mortgage Financing Alliance – Noble Group and Bank Alfalah

Noble Group and Bank Alfalah have entered into a mortgage financing alliance for offering home financing facility to customers of Sohni Saiban. This MoU allows customers to make flexible payments plan with 30% payable of the cost of an apartment up to handover and remaining 70% home financing at special rates for up to 25 years. Sohni Prices are starting from Rs.5.7/- Million and falls under the scheme of ‘Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar’ where customers of Sohni Saiban can avail the home financing at the rate of 7% for 1st 5 years.

Noble Group has successfully delivered 18 projects in past and now presents Sohni Saiban with all modern amenities under one roof located at prime location of Scheme 33, Karachi. The project has been dully approved by all relevant authorities.

This agreement was signed in MoU ceremony in presence of Mr. Zuhair Naqvi (CEO), Mr. Farrukh Naseem (COO) and Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim (CFO) from Noble Group and Mr. Muhammad Ali Shah – Head of Mortgages, Mr. Muhammad Sabir Younus – Area Manager and Mr. Muhammad Salman – Relationship Manager from Bank Alfalah.

Top Area For Future Investment In Apartment In Scheme 33 Karachi

Once you purchase your first property, there is no looking back. Whether you buy a plot for investment, a house, or an apartment to live with your loved ones, you must be careful. That’s why before buying a real estate property, you need to do your homework. By making a checklist of factors that are significant for you, you can save yourself from disappointment. For all the new investors, it is crucial to cross-examine every single detail.

Similarly, picking the right location must be your top priority. Living in a good neighborhood can have an evident impact on your family. If your neighborhood is undesirable, it becomes extremely tough to adjust, no matter how flexible you are. Luckily, in a busy city like Karachi, there are multiple convenient locations. Among the top areas, scheme 33 new projects are an excellent choice for everyone.

We are aware that buying a house is an overwhelming experience. As it is the place where you dwell for several years, it is a smart move to spend time verifying everything. There are a lot of ways to ensure that you are going in the right direction. By getting advice from multifamily brokers and experienced people, you can clear any confusion.

By finding a real estate agent with years of work, you can describe your expectations easily. Thus, for insight and expertise, you must not hesitate to contact them.

What Makes Scheme 33 New Projects a Good Investment?

This housing scheme came into being 33 years ago. Since then, it is one of the most reasonable areas in Karachi. Apart from competitive prices, it is close to many areas of Karachi that have great importance. Furthermore, this scheme covers the area from Jauhar to Buffer Zone. Due to this reason, we can say that you get tons of good real estate options for investment.

Scheme 33 is a large area with numerous housing schemes and societies. To be exact, the total number of these schemes is more than 290. As a result, both investors and end-users get a wide variety of options.

Which is the Best Housing Society in Scheme 33 Karachi?

There are quite popular housing schemes in this area. These societies have many facilities like grocery stores, gyms, clinics, parks, etc.

If you are looking for comparatively bigger houses, you will find tons of options there. Also, as the real estate market is flourishing, these are the Best Housing Society in Scheme 33 Karachi for guaranteed returns.

The projects in this area are highly secure, and you can have relatively luxurious societies. In addition to that, to get a plot here, you require proper documentation to ensure that the property is in safe hands. There is another factor that makes some of the neighboring societies different. After buying a plot, you are not allowed to sell it for a time span of a year. Because of this, it attracts genuine and stable buyers.

Because of this, you don’t have to care about the neighborhood. Most of the plots in this area are of 400 sq. yd. Nevertheless, people looking for smaller plots get plenty of choices too.

How to Find an Ideal Apartment in Scheme 33 Karachi?

For the working class in Karachi, buying a flat is a better option. With the increasing property rates, it has become almost impossible to own a house for people with an average income. By keeping this in mind, realtors have made a revolutionary change in this industry. With an extraordinary built scheme 33 new projects, people can enjoy endless comfort for the rest of their lives.

sohni saiban location map

Those who have a small family can take a tour of apartments in this area. When you buy a property there, you get closer to two of the most reputed universities and recreational parks of Karachi. Especially for the students, it is a perfect place to own an apartment.

However, if you want a bigger Apartment in Scheme 33 Karachi, Sohni Saiban provides an amazing option. The common factor in both of these societies is that they have eateries, retail shops, and many more vicinities around them.


These areas are slowly developing into a densely populated space. From big shopping centers to play areas, this scheme offers everything you may need. Because you can find every place here, you don’t have to travel miles on your days off.

sohni saiban new types

Reasons Why You Should Consider Investment in Apartment

For several decades, apartments have been a good investment in our country. However, since the last decade, we have witnessed massive changes. This is due to some fundamental reasons that people are acknowledging it over the other options. Also, our population is getting familiar with the ideology of this type of investment.

Even though this sort of business is a solid investment, people were unaware of some factors. In contrast to large scale commercial property, investment in apartment depends on the ongoing residential trends and the socio-economic statistics of a country.

sohni saiban new types

The investment in the apartment started increasing in the early 2000s and is still going steady. Because of the consequences of the economic downfall, ownership of homes was affected a few years ago. As a result, the rental rates of apartments are increasing. When the rent of an apartment increases, the value of apartment buildings also increases.

Those who do not understand practical reasons can consider simple traditional reasons. We know that the circumstances are changing like rising interest rates, increasing property taxes, and this pandemic. But, by focusing on the basic property principles, you can make a smart strategy to gain benefits.

In the past, people had this strong belief in their minds that it was clever to invest in a house or duplex instead of an apartment. As the value of land is usually more than apartments, the investors were interested in purchasing houses where the value of land would appreciate for many years. Nevertheless, the population is increasing rapidly, so the trend of people living in apartments is growing.

And, these days apartment complexes offer different facilities to attract more people. Scroll down to know the reasons that make an investment in apartment great for everyone.

What Makes Investment in Scheme 33 Apartment a Better Choice?

It is a popular area in Karachi, as it covers thousands of acres between two of the busiest highways. Moreover, it is situated near the well-developed locations of our city.

This area is surrounded by the famous districts of Karachi. And, the regions include Jinnah International Airport, Circular Railway Station, and the northern M-10 motorway. Having said that, it is going to be extremely convenient for you to find a conveyance.

Apart from that, some well-known landmarks in and close to the locality include amusement parks, Stadium, Universities, cinema, Golf Club, etc.

In addition to the above, this is one of the most affordable areas of Karachi. The projects that are made in this area target middle-class people. These are the reasons due to which, Investment in scheme 33 apartments is preferable for everyone.

What are the Advantages of Purchasing a Flat in scheme 33 Karachi?

Indeed, this area has a lot to offer to the residents. With multiple housing schemes and societies within the area, it may give a variety of opportunities to the investors. In this blog, we have already described this area in detail.

  • Affordability

Flat in scheme 33 Karachi presents an affordable price for first-time investors. In order to spread the risk, you have the option to buy multiple apartments. From 3 to 4 room flat, you can easily search for any place you want.

  • Accessibility

This whole area has all the facilities around it. From famous eateries to pharmacies, everything is close to this area. Besides that, it is near the top public universities of Pakistan as well. Whether you are a student or an office worker, with this much ease, buying a flat in this locality can never be a bad idea.


Investment in apartment is the most compelling type of business. As it works on a simple concept that everybody needs a place to live peacefully for the rest of their lives. For investment in a property, make sure to consider three significant points that include location, value-add, and the risk factor.

The location has an integral role in any real estate investment. The kind of real estate such as residential, industrial, office, apartment, retail, etc. defines the image of the area. When you buy an apartment, a good location generally means that you have easy access to centers for employment and transportation.

Speaking of a good real estate project, with their quality work, Sohni Saiban has set new standards in this industry.

Aside from that, Investment in apartment can offer a reliable source of additional income. Secondly, it is easier to maintain flats. Almost every apartment complex has a proper management system responsible for the maintenance of the entire project. Lastly, you can sell the apartment on very short notice based on its location and condition, as most of the people in Karachi can’t afford to buy plots.

As a bonus, you don’t need a business partner or a professional to make the decisions for you. Therefore, you can keep the profit of your investment without sharing it with someone.

sohni saiban drawing room

5 Tips To Create A Minimalist Apartment

Having a minimalist apartment does not only mean having a clutter-free home but also a spacious life. An apartment with less clutter calls for less cleaning, so you have to organize things less. As a result, your life becomes massively stress-free. Such a home leaves you with more time, energy, and freedom to do what you really want. Although most people would kill for such a life, they don’t know how to achieve simple apartment living.

There are various reasons that you should opt for a modest apartment. First off, it is much easier to clean. With less unnecessary things in your apartment, you can sweep the floors and dust the furniture in a matter of minutes. Additionally, too many things give rise to too much clutter, and having too much clutter around is incredibly displeasing. Therefore, a simple apartment makes it really easy for you to relax as well.

living room

Fortunately, creating a minimalist apartment is quite simple if you take the right steps. You, basically, have to keep quality over quantity in your mind while planning your new, simple apartment. To explain this better, we have listed the most effective tips to introduce minimalism into your apartment.

1.Get Rid of The Extra Stuff

This has to be the most obvious and common tip for achieving simple apartment living. You might not notice this, but you have at least three pieces of furniture that you do not need. If they’re not useless, they’re overly large and can be replaced with something smaller. For example, you can get rid of that gigantic wall unit that is covering one wall completely in your living room.

Remember, this applies to the small and seemingly insignificant stuff too, for example, the extra cushions on your bed. You don’t necessarily have to give all your stuff away. Used furniture can be sold at great prices. With the money you get, you can buy minimalist pieces of furniture, which is either small and/or multi-purpose. Therefore, in this way, you save a lot of space without spending too much.

2. Say No To Extreme Colors

Walls with dark or overly bright colors do not give your home a minimalist feel. In fact, they make your apartment feel smaller. As a replacement, you must go for neutral shades, such as white, grey, and beige. With these colors, your home does not just look elegant, but it also feels more open, peaceful, and relaxed.

sohni saiban lounge

3. Lighten Up Your Home

If you go for a lighter shade of paint, natural light will complement it. Introducing more light in your home is one of the most efficient methods if you are creating a minimalist apartment on a budget. So it needs to be in your minimalist apartment checklist. Extra light makes your apartment look and feel more spacious. This, somehow, makes the viewer feel that your home is not congested because of having too many things.

4. Add Some Texture

Contrary to popular belief, a minimalist apartment does not have to be boring at all. Of course, with plain and neutral colors, there is a chance that your apartment can look a little uninteresting. To prevent this, you must add hints of texture in your rooms. For instance, you can get carpets or curtains with nice patterns to make your home apartment feel more exciting. To take it up a notch, you can make use of some artwork as well.

5. Clean Regularly

It is true that minimalism saves you from a lot of extra cleaning. That being said, a minimalist lifestyle does not mean that you should stop cleaning your apartment regularly. You still have to do it daily.

This is important because, depending on how you live, your apartment can clutter up in some time. This clutter will eventually defeat the minimalist feel of your home if you don’t deal with it. Since it is easier to clean and declutter a minimalist space, you can do it often and that too quite effortlessly.


Of course, if you want a great apartment with minimalism, you need something great to start with. For this purpose, there can’t be a better option than Sohni Saiban. This is primarily because we understand your need to create a minimalist home that removes tension and exhaustion from your life. For this reason, we Sohni Saiban have flats for sale in scheme 33 Karachi for you where you can easily introduce minimalism. Contact us before it’s too late.

Reasons Why You’d Love To Live In An Apartment

Apartment living is not too popular; however, people don’t realize that apartment life can give you things that a big house can never do. No matter what anyone says, there is a lot to love about living in an apartment. Of course, this heavily depends on your apartment complex and its management. For this reason, you need to choose a safe option, such as Sohni Saiban, where you are sure to get all the benefits of an apartment. Without much ado, here are the top 5 reasons why you would love to live in an apartment.

Apartments Strengthen Your Relationships

It is common knowledge that bonds are easily made in smaller spaces. Believe it or not, but an apartment can improve your family life and even with yourself. Since apartments tend to be smaller than houses, you have less area to care for.

This leads to you getting left with a lot of time to pray and spend with your family as well as yourself. In this extra time, people tend to talk more with their family. Not only that, but they do more things together as well. In spite of all this, apartments are big enough if you ever need some personal space.

They Are Extremely Easy To Clean

No matter where you live, you have to clean it every once in a while—if not everyday. In this regard, apartment living after a house will be immensely stress-free for you. Apartments are designed to be easy to clean.

Since they tend to be smaller than houses or bungalows, it takes less time and energy to clean an apartment. Because cleaning is easier in the case of apartments, you’ll be motivated more often to do it. And of course, you cannot ignore the contentment and satisfaction that comes from uncluttering your home.

They Let You Save Money

It is a fact that apartment living helps you save more money than house living and spend on the things that you actually love. Apartment life lets you focus and spend more on your hobbies, health, relationships, traveling, and much more without undergoing a financial collapse. In contrast, if you live in a large house, most of your finances go toward repairs and home projects.
To understand this better, let’s suppose that you live in an apartment instead of a bungalow. In this case, you wouldn’t have to save up for a new roof or for repairing your basement’s foundation. Instead, you can use your savings to go on a family vacation abroad, adopt a healthy diet, having frequent nights out with your sweetheart, or to donate for a great cause.

Apartments Are Much Safer

A major reason for apartment living being stress-free is that apartment complexes tend to be quite safe. This is incredibly important for people who live alone or have small children. Since most apartment complexes have their own robust security systems, you don’t have to spend thousands of rupees to buy your own cameras and hire your own security guards. In addition to that, your neighbors also make your apartment life safer. As your neighbors live close to you in an apartment complex, you look out for each other if something seems unusual.

Apartments Let You Experience Community Living

Buying an apartment does not only get you an apartment; it also gets you a complete community as well. Your neighbors live closer to you, so you never feel isolated. Plus, it is quite easy to find an adult conversation, which is massively important after a long day of work. However unimportant it might seem, it is incredibly beneficial for housewives and people who work from home.

In Conclusion

As mentioned above, there are a lot of benefits of living in an apartment instead of a house. That being said, not every apartment can offer all of them. Also, we understand that apartments are not for everyone. So if you are strictly against apartments, you might not love living in one.
For those who do want to live in an apartment to simplify their lives and focus on the things that matter the most, our flats in Scheme 33 Karachi are the perfect place to start. We, at Sohni Saiban, work day and night to make sure that you get to enjoy apartment living to the fullest. Contact us before someone else buys away your dream apartment.