5 Tips for Creating a Luxury Minimalist Apartment

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Having a minimalist apartment does not only mean having a clutter-free home but also a spacious life. An apartment with less clutter calls for less cleaning, so you have to organize things less. As a result, your life becomes massively stress-free. Such a home leaves you with more time, energy, and freedom to do what you really want. Although most people would kill for such a life, they don’t know how to achieve simple apartment living.

There are various reasons that you should opt for a modest apartment. First off, it is much easier to clean. With less unnecessary things in your apartment, you can sweep the floors and dust the furniture in a matter of minutes. Additionally, too many things give rise to too much clutter, and having too much clutter around is incredibly displeasing. Therefore, a simple apartment makes it really easy for you to relax as well.

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Fortunately, creating a minimalist apartment is quite simple if you take the right steps. You, basically, have to keep quality over quantity in your mind while planning your new, simple apartment. To explain this better, we have listed the most effective tips to introduce minimalism into your apartment.

1.Get Rid of The Extra Stuff

This has to be the most obvious and common tip for achieving simple apartment living. You might not notice this, but you have at least three pieces of furniture that you do not need. If they’re not useless, they’re overly large and can be replaced with something smaller. For example, you can get rid of that gigantic wall unit that is covering one wall completely in your living room.

Remember, this applies to the small and seemingly insignificant stuff too, for example, the extra cushions on your bed. You don’t necessarily have to give all your stuff away. Used furniture can be sold at great prices. With the money you get, you can buy minimalist pieces of furniture, which is either small and/or multi-purpose. Therefore, in this way, you save a lot of space without spending too much.

2. Say No To Extreme Colors

Walls with dark or overly bright colors do not give your home a minimalist feel. In fact, they make your apartment feel smaller. As a replacement, you must go for neutral shades, such as white, grey, and beige. With these colors, your home does not just look elegant, but it also feels more open, peaceful, and relaxed.

5 Tips for Creating a Luxury Minimalist Apartment

3. Lighten Up Your Home

If you go for a lighter shade of paint, natural light will complement it. Introducing more light in your home is one of the most efficient methods if you are creating a minimalist apartment on a budget. So it needs to be in your minimalist apartment checklist. Extra light makes your apartment look and feel more spacious. This, somehow, makes the viewer feel that your home is not congested because of having too many things.

4. Add Some Texture

Contrary to popular belief, a minimalist apartment does not have to be boring at all. Of course, with plain and neutral colors, there is a chance that your apartment can look a little uninteresting. To prevent this, you must add hints of texture in your rooms. For instance, you can get carpets or curtains with nice patterns to make your home apartment feel more exciting. To take it up a notch, you can make use of some artwork as well.

5 Tips to Create a Minimalist Apartment

5. Clean Regularly

It is true that minimalism saves you from a lot of extra cleaning. That being said, a minimalist lifestyle does not mean that you should stop cleaning your apartment regularly. You still have to do it daily.

This is important because, depending on how you live, your apartment can clutter up in some time. This clutter will eventually defeat the minimalist feel of your home if you don’t deal with it. Since it is easier to clean and declutter a minimalist space, you can do it often and that too quite effortlessly.


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