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Apartment Vs Plot Which Is The Best Investment Option?

Investing in real estate is a once in a lifetime decision. That is why investors evaluate all options before reaching a decision. Whether it is good to buy a house, flat or a plot depends on your budget, preferences and lifestyle choices. If you are not able to decide whether investing in an apartment is better or purchasing a plot is a wise decision, then this blog is for you. We are about to discuss both the good and bad points of investing in an apartment vs. a plot. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Pros of Buying an Apartment

Since there are plenty of new apartment schemes in Karachi homeowners particularly want to know the merits of investing in a flat. That is why we will first discuss why buying an apartment is a lucrative investment option.

Community Living

One of the biggest benefits of buying an apartment is that you get to enjoy shared communal facilities. Amenities like parking, gymnasium, garden, swimming pool, cafe and indoor restaurant are equally enjoyed by the residents. Maintenance of all these facilities is the responsibility of the management.

Greater Return on Investment

Investing in apartments can lead to better returns. Location is really important in real estate. Flats are usually located in areas that promise greater return on investment. This is one of the reasons why homeowners prefer purchasing a flat over other options.

Easy Maintenance

Living in a flat requires low maintenance. Since a lot of people share the living space, you get to enjoy all the benefits. Even maintenance costs are shared. Facilities like elevators, waste management and house help are easily managed by the landlord.

Low Costs

You can easily buy an apartment initially at low costs. Since apartments are built on less area of land and have many residential units in a single building, it is relatively low priced than a readymade house or even a plot in a prestigious location.

Cons of Buying an Apartment

There are a few drawbacks of purchasing a flat as well. It all depends on the kind of lifestyle you wish to lead.

Limited Space

People who live in an apartment have less space. You are restricted to live in the same unit as designed by the landlord. Big, luxurious apartments still lack the kind of luxury a customized house can bring. If you buy a plot, you can easily build the house of your choice.

Less Privacy

Living in a shared space has its disadvantages. If you have a noisy neighbour, it is less likely that you would enjoy living in a flat. Peeping neighbours and noise can affect your life. That is why, investors who value privacy over anything else prefer buying a plot of land to build a house of their preferences.

Pros of Buying a Plot of Land

Buying a plot of land has many benefits. Here are a few mentionable ones:


Building a dream home has its perks. You can sketch the floor plan, design the layout according to your liking. If you prefer big, airy rooms, functional kitchen and a spacious lounge, then you should invest in a plot of land.

Ready for Possession

Plots can be purchased in the name of the person who has bought it. You can also transfer land to your spouse, children or parents. This flexibility helps you to take possession of your property and transfer to the person you want without any hassle.

Superior Construction Quality

A plot owner can ensure the construction quality. If you are building your own house, you will buy the top construction material. You can install top-notch fittings, marble flooring and good quality sanitary ware in your house.

Plot Value Appreciates

Another major reason why investing in plots is usually recommended is that the value of land appreciates over time. If there is any development in the area where your plot is located, then it affects the real estate prices in that region.

Easily Sellable

You can easily sell a plot of land. Since there is no construction on it, homeowners who wish to build their own dream home prefer purchasing it. As mentioned, the process of transfer of property is not complicated as well.

Cons of Buying a Plot of Land

There are some drawbacks of investing in a plot.

No Earning

You can’t rent out a plot. While a constructed house or apartment can yield good returns, a plot of land can only be sold to attain better profits. This means you can’t generate any revenue on the plot you have invested in. It can be a major hitch for those who are planning to achieve short-term gains.

Depreciates Fast

Just like the real estate prices of a plot can unexpectedly increase due to development work in the area, it can also depreciate because of lack of infrastructure or basic facilities. Purchasing a plot is a big gamble. You can never be sure whether the prices of your plot will increase in the future or not.

As mentioned above, there are plenty of benefits of buying an apartment over a plot. However, people who are looking for long term investment prefer investing in a plot. So, if you are really into buying an apartment for yourself, consider purchasing flats in Scheme 33 which are laced with all the facilities that ensure a comfortable and peaceful life. At Sohni Saiban, we ensure that you get the best value for your money. Contact us for the best deal in town!

Must Haves For Your Bathroom Renovation

As the new year celebrations are starting soon, you have a great opportunity to transform the interior of your house. So, take this chance to leave the bad things behind by embracing the new trends for your place. The area of our apartment that is the best place to start a renovation project is your bathroom. Most of the people have the same old flooring that they installed when they moved into their house. Hence, bid farewell to the leaky faucet and the old-fashioned tiles.

On that note, if you don’t want to hire an expensive interior designer, there are endless designs on the internet for inspiration to start your bathroom renovation immediately. From tiny to large master bathrooms, you can find ideas to make them look stunning. The main objective of a remodeling project is to beautify your house even more for the upcoming gatherings.

In this way, you can increase the comfort level of your house. Don’t stress out if you are starting up from scratch, because you can do it on your own. This will help you save a considerable amount of money. Plus, remodeling is an affordable method to increase the value of your property while enhancing the look and feel of your place.

In this article, we will give you the bathroom remodel ideas that you need. These ideas will work for both small and big changes in your bathroom. Scroll down to give your bathroom a dream makeover.

Upgrade the Shower Location

Usually, people have a bathtub and shower length-wise leaving limited space for a sink beside it. This design needs to change, as it makes the room look smaller than it actually is. First of all, you have to decide whether you like to take a bath in a tub or a shower. If you prefer a shower area in your bathroom, you can install shower sill, shower base, shape etc.

Apart from that, a window is a superb feature to add in this space. Those who are concerned about privacy can choose frosted glass windows. However, if the window is situated correctly, it will keep your bathroom cool with fresh air. To make this area watertight, you can use stone jambs.

Also, solid material slope flooring on the shower sill aids proper drainage. People who have a tiny bathroom can use a shower and tub combination.

Be Creative with the Walls

Having a single color of the whole bathroom is chic. Still, it looks boring and ordinary. Due to this, we advise you to experiment with different paints and wallpapers. The walls improve the aesthetics of the room and integrate such ideas into larger spaces too. According to the latest trends, bathrooms are becoming an area of the house where people are free to play with bold colors and patterns.

Fortunately, nowadays, peel-and-stick wallpapers are available in the market with a wide variety of patterns. They do not cause any sort of damage to the walls and you can take charge of it without hiring a professional.

Even if you cover a specific portion of the walls in an attractive and colorful wallpaper, your place is going to look more welcoming. On the walls, you can have shelves in the form of cabinets or in your shower area. The shelves provide space for toiletries and decoration pieces.

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Apartment Option on Installment in Scheme 33 Karachi

It is evident from the last few years that numerous real estate investors have earned wealth by purchasing apartment buildings. Similarly, you can start as a beginner and become a successful investor. If you are eager to buy a property, you can follow the footsteps of such great businessmen and purchase an apartment for yourself.

Whatever place you choose for buying a flat, it’s imperative to be assured about the location you pick. Therefore, when you decide on a location, as an investor be aware of the area information beforehand.

Currently, for the residents of Karachi, Scheme 33 is an excellent option. It is situated near the main areas and arteries of our city. This scheme is made especially for the working class, so it comprises multiple small housing societies. As the prices of property in these societies are reasonable, it is within the range of an ordinary middle-class individual. However, it doesn’t mean that the quality of lifestyle is poor. Those who are looking for an apartment must consider Flat in Scheme 33 Karachi as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This scheme keeps you connected with the lively parts of the city. Not to mention, the security of society is the primary concern of the majority of the buyers. In this blog, we will tell you easy ways to get a flat in Scheme 33 Karachi in a laidback installment plan.

Which Factor Makes Flat in Scheme 33 Karachi Great for Karachiites?

There is a misconception that the distribution of utility services in these areas are often disturbed. However, this is not true, as the realtors make sure that these services are undisturbed. On that note, it is a safe and smart option to head towards these areas.

From a tax perspective, unlike some other areas, investing in this scheme is a good deal. As the payable tax ratio of this scheme is affordable, just like the property itself.

How to Find the Best Flat for Sale on Installment in Scheme 33 Karachi?

One of the initial steps you must take while investing in the real estate industry in Pakistan is to do detailed research. When you see an advertisement on Flat for Sale on Installment in Scheme 33 Karachi, put together a list of things.

Remember, the installment plans may vary with the neighborhood. With respect to the locality and the exquisite facilities, the price and the installment plans may change. Once you get familiar with the property rates, avoid overspending your money on the flat you buy on an installment plan.

Most of the new projects in this scheme have attractive payment plans. Make sure to compare your favorite options with your budget to see if they fall within your range. To estimate the exact worth of your property, weigh it by considering the size, type, and additional features. All these factors are significant before you invest your hard-earned money on a flat with installment plans.

The basic necessity that must be present in an apartment is all day long utility supplies, reliable security, and well-connected area. Other than that, inquire about every detail thoroughly. For instance, check if the building offers a lift with power backup, as it is compulsory for a tall building with multiple floors to have this facility.

Why Flat for sale in Scheme 33 Karachi is the Ultimate Choice?

As mentioned above, flat in Scheme 33 Karachi are unexpectedly affordable. Because the goal is to offer reasonable housing to salaried people. According to different surveys, half the population of our city lives on daily wages, commissions, or fixed monthly salaries.

So, it is not a surprise that it is impossible for most of these people to own a house. However, with this much affordability, the housing scheme is getting in their reach because of the hassle-free payment plans.

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In Conclusion

The real estate market of Pakistan is evolving with each passing day. And, realtors are adding extraordinary features in their projects to give an exceptional experience to the buyers. With indoor recreation activities, a top-notch security system, parking services, etc. apartment complexes are becoming fantastic options.

What’s more, it is no secret that this location is an important center of our city. Thus, Sohni Saiban delivers an outclass work in this scheme as well.