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How To Make Your Luxury Apartment Extra Luxurious

Without a doubt, luxury apartments (especially luxury apartments in Scheme 33 Karachi) are a great investment. A luxury apartment at Sohni Saiban is built in a way that it is bound to look aesthetically pleasing, where every apartment is a corner apartment. However, a homeowner tries his best in order to make his home, whether it is a regular apartment or a luxury apartment, even more beautiful.

You would be happy to know that there are tons of easy and cheap ways to make your luxury apartment even more spacious and pretty. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most achievable ways of making your luxury apartment extra luxurious.

Install More Mirrors

An extra number of mirrors is the perfect recipe for a spacious luxury apartment. With different mirror frames, shapes, and sizes, you can give your luxury apartment a specialized look. You can make your luxury apartment look vintage, royal, futuristic, or anything that you want; the possibilities are endless.

sohni saiban drawing room

Install More Lights

A house with bright lighting is never going to be a bad sight. In bright places, you automatically feel better and light. That is not even the best quality of extra lighting. The best one is that bright lights make your luxury apartment extra-large.

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Use Advanced Technology

Another way that people often use to make their luxury apartments better is using the latest and most advanced technology in their apartments. The new technology includes smart alarms, locks, TVs, showers, and other pieces of equipment. In addition to that, you can also take help from some great voice assistants available out there, for example, Alexa, Siri, and others.

Add in little High-End Stuff

Even if you can’t afford a lot of high-end accessories or materials to make your house look luxurious, here is something you can do. You can add in small pieces of high-end stuff like using leather sofas, crystal show pieces, marble, antique gold, etc. There are so many small luxurious things that you can add in and give your house a completely new look.

Use Light Paints

If you have a small apartment then you should look for paints that are not too dark as darker colors make your house look smaller.
Use lighter paint pallets to make your house look lively and spacious.

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Go Artistic

Don’t be afraid to show off your artistic vibes. If you are a painting enthusiast and want to hang paintings on your walls then you should definitely go for it.
Hanging paintings on the wall makes your apartment look luxurious and give it a great look. Show off your style.


The right combination of the ways mentioned above will get your luxury apartment from 10 to 100. However, you still need a nice luxury apartment to work with. Sohni Saiban has a great apartment for sale in Karachi for you. Contact us and get the keys to your new dream home as soon as possible.

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What Are The Benefits of Buying A Luxury Apartment At Sohni Saiban

Do you know what’s better than an apartment in a central area of Karachi? The answer is a luxury apartment in a central area of Karachi. You probably wonder why some people get excited when they see an ad saying, luxury apartment for sale in Karachi. Many of you may think that a luxury apartment is not worth all the investment, but very few of you think about its benefits.
Speaking of the benefits of a luxury apartment, there are tons of it. However, there are a few that deserve special mention. So without further ado, here are the benefits of buying a luxury apartment at Sohni Saiban.

Secure Living

Safety is one of the biggest issues in Karachi, so we have paid extra attention to it. In fact, we assure you that your luxury apartment will be a little fortress for you. Our highly efficient and advanced alarm and CCTV camera systems allow the residents of Sohni Saiban to feel safe and secure.

In addition to that, we keep our security guards well equipped with all the necessary gadgets and weapons to deal with any kind of emergency. We only hire individuals who are highly trained and experienced to operate in dangerous situations.

High Rental Yields

If for a few years, you need to leave Karachi or your apartment, you should know that rental yields at Sohni Saiban are higher than even regular apartments. This makes your investment in our luxury apartments very safe. We promise an unusually high return on investment. For this actual figures, you can visit our office.

Consistent Development

We, at Sohni Saiban, are constantly trying to improve ourselves in terms of infrastructure, facilities, and security. Our special focus is on engineering innovations which also involve the introduction of innovative and smart technologies within our apartments.

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This is why Sohni Saiban is one of the best property dealers in the city. Our continual improvement and development is the reason why we get more buyers every year compared to the last year.

Easy Payment Methods

This is why we try to provide as much ease to them as possible with easy to pay monthly and quarterly installment plans of up to 25 to 48 months. Two types of Installment plans are available with and without bank loan availing, just to provide more and more options for our customers to get benefit from. For more details visit our website.

This is one of the most primary reasons that Sohni Saiban is at the top of the game right now.


If you are a smart investor, you should know that investing in a luxury apartment at Sohni Saiban is totally worth it. There are a large number of luxury apartments in Scheme 33 Karachi that await your arrival. Sohni Saiban will help you get buy them at the best prices and in the best possible way. So visit our office before someone else takes away your dream luxury apartment.